What is so special about the author?  What makes him tick?  What kind of life did he lead to write stories as he does?

We only live one life, and I want mine to be of shared adventures!  Come and experience this wonderful life with me through amazing stories that take you to wonderful and new world...  But be warned; not all stories have a happy ending...

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The Approach

Skilled writing comes from experience, which requires the writer lead a unique life, full of adventure and wonder!  All good stories have to come from somewhere, whether it be the thoughts brought on from different experiences or the random encounters with various individuals that makes for a good story.

The sole purpose of any writer is to pass on the feelings and emotions to the reader, while the reader re-lives the story being told.  It's an amazing field to be in!


People often ask me if Michael Priv is  an actual person. That is silly. Of course not. Michael Priv is simply the stuff of which legends are made. No such person ever existed. And I want that communicated to the IRS and all my creditors in no uncertain terms.

However, if Michael Priv were a real person, what would he be like? Ruggedly handsome, over seven feet tall, with a full head of hair, no doubt, athletic in stature, a man marked by the hand of God. Humanoids of the fair sex would frequently faint in his presence, overwhelmed in equal measure by his animal magnetism and erudite sophistication. Small rodents with large, expressive eyes would be known to gather around, whenever he walked down the street.

Want to know the real story?  Keep reading.  🙂

The Real Story

Born in the Soviet Ukraine, Michael Priv arrived to the USA in 1979 and went on to graduate the University of Pittsburgh to become a Construction Engineer. An insurance Field Adjustor by day and a writer by night, Michael currently resides in San Francisco Bay Area with his family.

Michael started in Scientology as a Dianetics Auditor in San Francisco in 1987, joined the highest monastic order of Scientology, the Sea Organization, in 1988. He spent eighteen years doing Russian translations for the Church and leading translations in fifty-three different languages at the infamous Int Base, the Headquarters of the Church, in a “secret” desert location near Hemet, CA. Michael walked off his post of the Translations Coordinator International in protest to the policies and corruption at the top of the Church organization in 2004, was tried for Treason and spent a year in the Sea Org prison in Los Angeles until his dramatic escape in 2005.

Michael's writing career started in 2008 with the publication of his first novel, Friends of Fred, available on Amazon and elsewhere. His first Sci-Fi novel, The Fifth Battalion, his auto-biography, The Golden Fleece, The Diary of a Scientology Warrior, as well as nineteen of his short stories, marked by lighthearted view of life and a spark of spirituality, are available on Amazon.

Michael is currently working on releasing a full collection of his short stories, The Roto-Rooter, and a non-fiction applied research account of twenty-eight different religions and spiritual healing practices, The Secrets, DIY Guide to Psychic Healing Techniques. Michael is also working on the sequel to The Fifth Battalion under the working title The Baltizor Conspiracy.

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